La Afortunada food truck logo

Logo & food truck design by Roam & Chroma.

‘La Afortunada’ needed everything in terms of graphic/brand design to create a visual identity to go along with their successful startup…….a logo, business cards, on online menu, a digital online ordering form/UI, paper menu design, to-go packaging design, and a food truck design.

They wanted something somewhat DIY with a vintage/hipster edge to go along with her *homemade with love* concept. We went for a stampy look to get that ‘printed at home with a stencil’ feel, and a crown because ‘La Afortunada’ truly WAS the best……considered food royalty in her small section of the world. A minimal color palette was essential to highlight the simplicity of a do-it-yourself from scratch business built from very basic & modest means. Black & mint green (a signature Mexican color) were where we landed.

To view the complete project by Roam & Chroma for La Afortunada, CLICK HERE.

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