El Burro

EL BURRO. Charcoal, pencil & ink on paper. Original artwork by Erin Schultz for Roam & Chroma.

When I first moved to San Miguel de Allende in 2009, it was still a pretty quiet little village. The bumpy cobblestone streets were peaceful and dusty – free of the traffic and bustle that you might find there today. At that point, the streets were likely lined with nothing but little old ladies sitting in their doorways selling orange juice, gorditas, nopales…., with locals traversing the town on foot, with primitive ice cream carts and beatup pickup trucks selling milk from old aluminum containers. And there were the burros! Lots of them – seen working with their men, loaded high with firewood & kindle from the campo, or adorned in paper flowers and painted bright and pretty for a photo opportunity. I used to watch them scrambling so determinedly up the steep cobblestone hills – with hoofs wobbling on the uneven surface and heavy loads on their backs. I felt a wee ache in my heart for them, as they seemed so sweet and kind to me. Something like a cross between a pony and a service dog……loyal, gentle, unassuming. And such hard workers! Anyhow, the burros touched my love & affection in a way that made me want to make drawing for them. This drawing has always been one of my favorites.


Limited Edition Prints are signed by the artist & numbered. On heavyweight white, 100% cotton, archival acid-free paper. 24″ x 36″ (60 x 90cm). 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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