Virgen de Guadalupe (La Luz)

Our second Lady from a pair of just finished ‘personal virgin’ illustrations.

This lady and her partner were commisioned as wall art for a very beautful, well curated & styley modern home.

The objective:
-to illustrate a personal ‘Virgin de Guadalupe’ to care for, guide, and watch over each member of the couple in their beautiful home.
-one Virgin to represent all that is ‘light(ed)’ and chic’ (this is her!), and her companion virgin to be all ‘floral and fiesta’.

These drawings are fairly large- each is 24″w x 36″h.
Thanks for checking our ladies out!

We’d be delighted to illustrate for you………if there is a project we can help you to realize, please get in touch below.

Is there a project we can help you with?