A tintype portrait of Roam & Chroma

A tintype photograph of Erin, the designer at Roam & Chroma.

This photo was taken during the summer I spent apprenticing a Master tintype photographer in upstate New York, which ultimatly led to the design project for ‘The Tintypist’ – an old-timey photography studio for which Roam & Chroma did the logo and brand identity work.

A tintype, in case you are wondering, is a photograph made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal coated with a dark lacquer or enamel used as a support for the photographic emulsion. The tintype was one of the earliest methods of photography which enjoyed its greatest popularity during the The Civil War Era in the 1860’s. In the current day and age of digital photography and instant ‘vintage’ photo effecrs, the authentic process of tintyping is more or less a lost art form, practiced only by few die hard traditionalists, revivalists, fine artists, and novelty photographers.

We at Roam & Chroma love an authentic method, which in itself inspired a whole journey……..where we were lucky enough to meet some of tintypings current Masters, as well as ‘The Tintypist’ – who quickly became one of our favorite clients ever.

If you’d like to view Roam & Chroma’s full portfolio of design work for the ‘The Tintypist’ project, you can CLICK HERE.

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