I loved working on this project. The logo, graphic design & brand identity were all done by Roam & Chroma for ‘La Afortunada’- a prepared, gourmet foods startup founded in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 2011.

‘La Afortunada’ (the fortunate one) is a success story that began as a trade between a stuggling young resident and a couple who owned an eclectic old artists’ compound in the hills of San Miguel de Allende. The trade was that of free room & board offered in exchange for her weekly cooking services. Apparently it worked out well, and soon friends of the couple wanted to get on ‘the list’ of what was being made that week…..and then friends of their friends…….and so it goes! ‘La Afortunada’ started an online *weekly specials* order form for home delivery, and then later graduated to a food truck. The ‘La Afortunada’ food truck is now currently on perpetual tour of Mexico, learning about regional/traditional Mexican culinary secrets and cooking up food forever “made with infinite affection for maximum satisfaction”.

‘La Afortunada’ needed everything in terms of graphic/brand design to create a visual identity to go along with their successful startup…….a logo, business cards, on online menu, a digital online ordering form/UI, paper menu design, to-go packaging design, and a food truck design. They wanted something somewhat DIY with a vintage/hipster edge to go along with her *homemade with love* concept. We went for a stampy look to get that ‘printed at home with a stencil’ feel, and a crown because ‘La Afortunada’ truly WAS the best……considered food royalty in her small section of the world. A minimal color palette was essential to highlight the simplicity of a do-it-yourself from scratch business built from very basic & modest means. Black & mint green (a signature Mexican color) were where we landed.

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