Talavere, a daughter company one of the oldest traditional talavera tile manufactures in Mexico, was seeking to update & contemporize the image of talavera to match Talavere’s new modernized aesthetic. The goal was to re-brand an old world tradition in a way that retained the handcrafted essence, but with a chic, sophisticated and fun new flavor to surround the opening of their store in the heart of Puebla. Logo, print design & graphic design by Roam & Chroma.

We wanted to keep the logo authentic, so we appropriated the initial inspiration from the customary talavera painted flower form. We refined the flower a bit – but not too much as we wanted to retain the quality & identity of the handpainted tradition. We wanted a chic and blank palette, so went with a crisp & contempory black & white for the carry bags, the tags, and the store interior to allow the bright and colorful contemporary Talavere talvera to really pop.

For our marketing within the city, as well as for the postcards, the invites, and the posters – we went with full color to match the pop-y freshness of Talavere’s newest line. We colored without abandon – from pastels to all means of washes, dye effects, and even some fluorescents. The concept was ‘talavera fun’.

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