‘The Tintypist’ is an old-timey photography outfit in New York. Roam & Chroma not only spent the summer apprenticing a Master tintype photographer in the authentic, original method of shooting & developing photos on lacquered metal, but also did the logo, graphic design, and brand strategy for ‘The Tintypist’.

All photos featured below are original tintypes by Roam & Chroma.

The Tintypist all began with a handwritten letter to a Master tintyper who I had heard about from a photographer friend who attended one of his workshops. The workshops were held on the Masters (John Coffer) farm in upstate New York in the remote Finger Lakes region. Johns farm was true to form, as in: it existed as if were alive during the Civil War era (when tintypes were the common method of photography). There, on the farm, it was a pioneers lifestyle – no running water, no electricity. Just a little cabin in the woods, a teepee, a well for water, a cauldron for warming water to wash & shower, cows, chickens, horses, and a vegetable garden.

Anyhow, after several letters back & forth, John agreed to hire me as his apprentice for the summer. I’d be able to learn the authentic art of tintype photography in exchange for assisting in his workshops & working the farm. The teepee would be my home. I had no idea at the time, but during that summer apprenticeship I would learn not only to tintype, but also to survive. I learned to make a fire from kindling and light it with flint, to use a yoke to carry water pumped from the well, to milk the cows (and birth 3 baby cows!), to plant seeds to grow the vegetables, to drive the horse to cut the hay with a sickle bay mower, to tend the chickens, and to live on the sunlights clock.

Needless to say, it was the most incredible experience. And from it grew not only a tremendous amount of perspective on the modern life (as well as a degree in old-timey photography), but also an opportunity to design for a small business outfit called ‘The Tintypist’. In addition to taking all of the photos featured (all are original & authentic tintypes developed on metal), Roam & Chroma created the logo, graphic design, branding & marketing featured above for ‘The Tintypist’.

If you have any interest in in signing up for a course with John Coffer, we at Roam & Chroma would highly recommend it. You can write John at:

John A. Coffer 1236 Dombroski Rd. Dundee, NY. 14837

or follow this link to his website.

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